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SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Bet You Didn’t Find These Awesome Scythe Easter Eggs Hiding All Over the Board


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    Image credit to The Boardgame Family

    When you play a game long enough, you tend to notice all the fine and, sometimes weird details hidden within it.


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    Such is the case of Jamey Stegmaier’s Scythe, one of the most played and talked about tabletop games this 2016. And for good reason because not only is it a great game, the artist involved – Jakub Rozalski, painted an awesome picture of an alternate-history, steampunk-style 1920s Eastern Europe. 


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    But who knew that behind that awesome art, there are a lot of hidden easter eggs sprinkled all over the landscape.

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    Recently, Facebook user Benjamin Demery took to the social media site and posted some of his awesome finds. Most of which were rooted to pop-culture material. HEXCITED!? Take a look:


    Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf


    Thor and Mjolnir


    Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher Series


    The Groke from Moomin?
    The Groke


    Santa Claus


    Rudy 102 Tank from the series Czterej Pancerni i Pies




    The Loch Ness Monster


    Not sure of this is an easter egg, but there’s a GOAT on top of the summit!


    A Hobbit’s House?


    So what do you think? Are there more out there? Let us know in the comments section! As always, keep on gaming!

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    Brian Papa
    Brian Papa
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