Put your download bandwidth to good use, it’s time for patch 1.03 of Final Fantasy XV!

Patch 1.03 of FFXV is upon us and we've got the details of the patch for you! Read on to find out what new stuff is in store for you!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Are you all ready to meet Cindy for the first time… again? With the New Game + option, now you can!


If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, then you should know by now that one of the biggest games in history just released last month. Yes folks, after years and years of waiting, Final Fantasy XV is FINALLY out! And for folks like me who have waited for such a long time, I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer to get some new features into the game to keep the game interesting and fresh.

Final Fantasy XV owners were prompted to download a 3GB patch yesterday (ahead of the Holiday Patch that’s supposed to be arriving today as well) and some of the details look really interesting! Apart from multiple bug fixes (floating monsters, anyone?), patch 1.03 includes a new photo frame feature where players get to customize Prompto’s photos with a vast selection of frames that will put those picture frames that you’ve received as gifts to shame. One more interesting inclusion in the patch is the New Game + feature, where players can carry over certain aspects of their save file from a previous playthrough into a new one. So far, the confirmed carryovers are as follows:

  • Experience and levels
  • Ascension skill progression
  • Survival, Fishing, Cooking and Photography levels.
  • Outfits
  • Weapons (except the Engine Blade)
  • Royal Arms
  • Accessories
  • Items
  • Gil
  • Spells
  • Ignis’ Recipes
  • Regalia Customization and customization colors, decals and components (excluding the Type-F upgrade, unfortunately. No flying from the beginning)
  • Ability to rent Chocobos and Chocobo customization

One point to note is that the enemies don’t scale on the New Game + mode, so expect the first few parts of the game to be a cakewalk as you one shot those pesky buggers that gave you a hard time the first time around. This is particularly useful for speedrunners and for people who are wanting to repeat the game to complete every quest.

I’ve yet to finish Final Fantasy XV but you can bet all of your Gil that I’m going to be using that New Game + option soon so that I can search every nook and cranny of Eos to find all the secrets, I’ve waited years for this game and I’m not ready to move on from the world of Final Fantasy XV just yet!