Real Life Final Fantasy XV Food Photography is Now a Thing!

This constant food porn in Final Fantasy XV has spilled out to the real world!

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Final Fantasy XV has been out for the past couple of weeks now and, while there’s certainly much to be said about the game, the characters, and the production value, one aspect that took the internet by storm is how absolutely gorgeous the food in the game looks.



It’s TORTURE to play Final Fantasy XV in the wee hours of the morning and be subjected to mounds and mounds of glorious food shots. The scrumptious dishes prepared by Ignis and of the fine chefs across Eos are simply…. Mmmmmm (No words. Just no words…)

Why hello there, 700 Gil Jambalaya! :D

Why hello there, 700 Gil Jambalaya! 😀


In the game, you and your buddies can dine in various cafes and restaurants and check the locale flavor for a few hundred / thousand Gil (in-game currency) or you can have Ignis, ever-loyal steward and chef extraordinaire, whip you up something good while in camp. This, my friends, is what living a princely life is all about – gourmet-style food, anytime, anywhere!

My Instant Noodles never look THAT good! Damnit, Ignis!

My Instant Noodles never look THAT good! Damn you, Ignis!

And this constant food porn in-game has spilled out to the real world. Take, for example, this clip from Tastemade Japan that aimed to recreate one of Ignis’ recipes!


Square Enix even partnered with English Chef, Jamie Oliver to create and produce IRL (in-real life) food from the game since their art director and “team chef” Hasegawa Tomohiro is a big fan of the famed chef.



Not looking far away, this recent FB page, which popped up in our news feed, compiles IRL food shots taken ala FFXV style. It’s funny, quirky, and dorky but, above-all, it’s mouthwatering! Plus if we can really get those stats, I’d be effin’ happy! It’s apparently the brainchild of some our friends from Too Much Gaming! If you haven’t seen the funny posts from Prompto’s Food Photography, you’re missing on a lot!

Okay this looks totally legit!

Okay this looks totally legit!

This too!

This too!


Wait, what???

Wait, what???


Waaaaattttt! :))

Waaaaattttt! :)) Next thing you know, we’ll have Jolly Spaghetti in here! hehehe!


All in all, Final Fantasy XV seems to have bled to a wider consciousness thanks to quirky side quests, overly gorgeous production design, and the strength and proliferation of social media.

There, there, Noctis-sama!

There, there, Noctis-sama!

Photo taken from Jason Cheng’s Facebook Page.

Never change internet, never change.