Monday, September 21, 2020
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Watch as FFXV’s Noctis and Prompto (TRY TO) Narrate a Make-Up...

This will surely brighten up your day... And your face!

Final Fantasy XV “Royal Edition” Bound for PS4, Xbox One and...

The definitive way to play with the fab four!

Our Favorite Gunslinger Goes Full Circle | Final Fantasy XV: Episode...

The fab four’s main comic relief gets the spotlight this time around! Check out our quick and spoiler-free review for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto!

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto is Available RIGHT NOW! | Update...

Both the Episode Prompto DLC and the Type-D Regalia Free Update for Final Fantasy XV are available for download right now!

Final Fantasy VII AND Kingdom Hearts 3 Delayed AGAIN!?

I waited long enough, what's another 3 years?

Real Life Final Fantasy XV Food Photography is Now a Thing!

This constant food porn in Final Fantasy XV has spilled out to the real world!

This Just In! Final Fantasy XV Roadmap in Detail: What Can...

New playable characters, avatar system, boss battles, Limited-time mob hunts, DLC, and much more!
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