The OPPO A57 is ready for your geeky selfies! | Selfie Camera Phone Review

Never miss a shot (and break your bank) with the OPPO A57!

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Over the past couple of months, we’ve attended a handful of uber geeky events. From this year’s Toycon to the Anime Cosplay Expo to a couple of Gaming Tournaments (Rev Major, League of Legends Rampage), we’ve been doing our best to document these superbly geeky events as much as we can. And with us is our trusty OPPO A57, a pretty decent selfie-phone that won’t break the bank.

Coming from its pedigree and really encapsulating the self-proclaimed title of #theselfieexpert, OPPO has been investing in more selfie devices to cater to a wider range of audience.

The OPPO A57 fits right on the spot where people are looking for good enough specs for documentation and enjoying video and audio playback and those that are still quite budget-conscious.

We’ve already talked about the OPPO A57 briefly when the company launched it earlier last June but we just wanted to show you guys how versatile this seemingly low mid-tier phone is.

To start with, all images were taken with stock settings, meaning we didn’t alter much of the settings to really maximize the photos. If you have any photography skill, you may always opt to tinker with the manual setting to really push its optics to the fullest.

From meeting local celebs and icons…

Ashley Gosiengfiao at the recently concluded Rampage 2017

Eruption ready to rumble at Rampage 2017


Accidentally dropped by Joyce Pring’s tech rehearsal for GG Network’s latest show, Achievement Unlocked

…to in-game personalities…

Hey there, 2B!


GG with Een Mercado as D.Va!

…to international hero, the spectacular Spider-man, the OPPO A57 did its job pretty well. :p So much so that we were able to do some stupid geeky shenanigans with it like look for Prince Noctis during this year’s ToyCon.



The only time the A57 slowed down significantly was when we tried various mobile games on it. It seems that the 1.4GHz Snapdragon 435 Octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM were having a hard time keeping up with the fast-paced, high-refresh-rate demand of online games like Mobile Legends. So, if you’re not really going to use it for mobile games of the sort then you’re fine.


It works well with Builder-type games or Everwing, so there’s that. :p

For Php 11,990 buckaroos the OPPO A57 is a low mid-tier phone worth every peso. The camera and image processing alone makes the A57 a decent contender in this phone’s price-range. As evident, the selfie camera pics up a huge chunk of data so it can create better images for you to share and to keep. It’s 16MP camera (similar with the previous flagship F1) comes with a new bokeh feature to add more artistic nuances to your photos. It has a f/2.0 aperture lens, Beautify 4.0, palm shutter gesture and OPPO’s Screen Flash feature for amazing selfies even at dim lighting conditions.


The rear camera is no slouch, either. Equipped with a Sony IMX258 sensor and a large F2.2 aperture lens, the rear camera takes decent shot even during low-light. It also has a Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) which allows you to focus on your subject for as little as 0.1 seconds, and an Ultra-HD mode which allows you to capture stunningly detailed 52 MP images.

Personally, what I love about the A57 is that despite its size (a really handy 5.2” screen), the phone can fit 2 4G/ LTE sim AND upto 256 G of Micro SD Storage. No hybrid sims here. This makes the phone perfect for travel and/or for budgeting your phone bill/ expenses.

Would we recommend the A57? Well if you’re in the market for a decent phone that takes excellent selfies but want to stay within a certain budget, then we’re going to give the A57 a resounding, “op(p)o”! ?