Win the Legacy Boardgame ‘SeaFall’! | UG Giveaway Day 3

Today, we're going Tabletop once again! For today's giveaway, the Legacy Boardgame 'Seafall' is up for grabs and it will go to one (1) Lucky Winner!

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Welcome to DAY 3 of the UnGeek Holiday Geek Gift Giveaway! Yesterday was about Magic: The Gathering. Today, we’re going Tabletop once again! For today’s giveaway, the Legacy Boardgame ‘Seafall’ is up for grabs and it will go to one (1) Lucky Winner!



The Prize

Today’s prize is brought to you by the awesome people at Gaming Library! SeaFall is the latest Legacy game in the board gaming scene. Created by Rob Daviau, the game is set in a land where Piracy and Exploration shapes the world. The awesome part of game is that the board never really stays the same. Depending on how you play it and what happens in the game, permanent changes get added to the board and to the game itself. Check out our review of Seafall here and you can check this video by Geek & Sundry on how to play the game.



How To Join

You need to do the following to join and get a chance to win the boardgame Seafall.

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  5. Leave a comment on this post on Facebook – Tag your friends who you want to play Seafall with and say why you want Seafall to be the game you want to play in your next boardgaming session. Use the hashtags #UGHolidayGiveaway and #UGDay3 (i.e. “Hey @Chris @Francis and @Paolo, we should play Seafall on our next game night if I win @Ungeek’s #UGHolidayGiveaway! I want to be a Pirate King as we complete this new Legacy campaign. I’ll make you guys walk the plank! #UGDay3”)
    • Make sure that this post is set to PUBLIC (privacy settings) because that’s the only way we’ll be able to see it for verification purposes.

Be sure to do these steps on or before 11:59am tomorrow (December 18, 2016) to qualify.

Things to Note

  1. This specific Giveaway prize is open people residing or with a valid shipping addresses within Metro Manila ONLY.
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Thanks once again to Gaming Library! If you’re looking for some boardgames to give as gifts for the holidays (or to buy for yourself hehe), be sure to check out their website and order the games that you want 🙂

See you all again for Day 4!