Sneak peek audio clip for Official English ver. of Kimi No Nawa’s theme song “Zenzenzense”

From the band that got you hooked on that ZEN feeling, they are doing it again in English.

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If this song isn’t amazingly infectious enough, there is an official English version of this hit audio piece! Check out the short clip below.


Yojio Noda, vocalist for the Japanese rock band RADWIMPS,  has spent sometime living in the U.S. and with the movie about to be re-released in US soil, it’s only natural that he comes up with an English version of “Zenzenzense” which translates to “Past-Past Lives”.

It’s an infectious song coming from an awesome soundtrack! In fact, RADWIMPS’ music for ‘Kimi no Na wa.’ (Your Name. ,  君の名は) won the Special Award in the 58th Japan Record Awards  (日本レコード大賞 , Nihon Rekōdo Taishō).  If you want to get more info on that, you may check our article here:

‘Kimi no Na wa’ (Your Name) soundtrack wins 58th Japan Record Awards’ ‘Special Award’

The English version goes on sale in digital format this January 27 in Japan.