The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigs “Feel Guide”

Check out this quick "feel guide" for checking which of the character you got from the LEGO blind bag.

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LEGO is set to release “The LEGO Batman Movie” Minifigs (Series 71017) this month, just weeks before the premiere of The LEGO Batman Movie on February 9.

Check out this quick “feel guide” by on determining which character you got from the LEGO blind bag.

Batman minifigure feel guide
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Just take note, a box of “The LEGO Batman Movie” Minifigs contains a total of 60 minifigs with 3 of each character.

For each “The LEGO Batman Movie” Minifig character, here’s what to look or feel for:

(L to R) Lobster Batman, Glam Metal Batman, Fairy Batman, Clan of the Cave Batman, Vacation Batman

  • Lobster Lovin’ Batman – Look for the lobster and the round plate accessories. You should be able to feel for Batman’s cowl but it does appear in five other characters.
  • Glam Metal Batman – Best to look for the guitar and the shoulder pads. He also has a Batman cowl.
  • Fairy Batman – Feel for the wings and “Tutu” would be easy to feel at it is flat and solid with ridges. He also has a Batman cowl.
  • Clan of the Cave Batman –  Search for the the brown wooden club accessory, he is the only character which has this piece. He also has a Batman cowl.
  • Vacation Batman – Feel for the inflatable duck ring, it is round with the duck head sticking out at one end is the most identifiable piece for this character. He also has a Batman cowl.


(L to R): Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon, Arkhan Asylum Joker, Dick Grayson, Pink Power, Batgirl

  • Barbara Gordon – Search for her police hat, which should feel flat on the top. She has a 1×1 round tile ‘Bat’ Signal button along with the 1×1 plate should confirm that it is her that looks like a flashlight. She has handcuffs accessory, but also Arkham Asylum Joker character.
  • Commissioner Gordon – He has a walkie-talkie accessory, feel for the antenna. He also has a 2×2 printed tile, but so does Eraser and Nurse Harley Quinn.
  • Arkham Asylum Joker – The handcuffs should be relatively easy to feel for, but be careful, Barbara Gordon has one too. Feel for the hairpiece as the multiple ridges.
  • Dick Grayson – He has the “Shark Repellant” accessory which is made up of 2 elements. Feel for the yellow “Tap” element or the 1×1 round brick.
  • Pink Power Batgirl – Search for the  skirt has a hard piece with sloping edges, longer than Fairy Batman’s Tutu. Also be on the look for her Batarangs.


(L to R): Red Hood, Eraser, Nurse Harley Quinn, Orca, Zodiac Master

  • Red Hood – His character has a red 2x2x1 cylinder element which is what you should look for. The shoulder pads will be another item to identify him with.
  • Eraser – His headpiece would feel like cylinder with a 1×1 round brick. He carries a 2×2 printed tile, but that is also in Commissioner Gordon and Nurse Harley Quinn.
  • Nurse Harley Quinn – Look for her dual ponytail hairpiece, which is unique for her character .She also has a 2×2 printed tile.
  • Orca – Easy to feel for the Orca’s head which should feel quite large on one end, and smooth with fins at the end
  • Zodiac Master – He has two accessories, a crab and a fish.


(L to R): Catman, March Harriet, Calculator, King Tut, Mime

  • Catman – Watch out for his  two claws.  He also has a Batman cowl, but does not have a chin guard.
  • March Harriet – The bunny ears is a dead giveaway for this character. She also has a tommy gun.
  • Calculator – Search for his armor piece and his helmet.
  • King Tut – Easy to look for his staff with a cobra on the other end. Also, look for his Egytian head gear should feel smooth and round.
  • Mime – Search for the two lightning accessories, which  should feel solid and flat with jagged edges.  Her mohawk is an other piece to search for.


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As per checking, there is no definitive date yet when will these Minifigs would be available locally. Better to visit or call the nearest toy shops or via Philippine Lego User Group – Facebook page to check availability.

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