Ready to get your hearts (and wallets) broken again? Manila Masters ticket prices have been revealed!

Ticket prices have been revealed for the Manila Masters, get your wallets ready as they go on sale this Friday 7pm, available via SM Tickets!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

The Manila Masters hype is slowly building and with the first invite already given to Evil Geniuses, we await the rest of the teams who will be invited to this momentous event. OG? DC? TNC? Your guess is as good as mine but expect the TOP teams to be present during the event as they battle it out for 250,000$! ESL, Mineski, and PLDT have partnered up to bring us the Philippines’ first major Dota 2 tournament of the year and this hopefully kicks things off for more events as the year goes by.

Ticket prices have been revealed as well as inclusions to those prices. You can view the ticket details below but as for all price tiers, these are already for all 3 days of the event, from May 26-28, 2017:

  • General Admission Tickets (250php or 5$)
    • Upper Ring seating
  • Upper Rank (1,500php or 30$)
    • Middle Ring Seating
  • Lower Rank (2,000php or 40$)
    • Lower Ring Seating
  • Premium Ticket (7,500php or 150$)
    • Premium seating
    • Free food and drink (free food and drink is ALWAYS a good thing)
    • Goodie bag (no one knows what’s in it, but you can bet that the swag is going to be epic!)
    • Exclusive signing sessions (can’t get any better than autographed loot from your favorite players!)

From the price list given, BEST VALUE award goes to the Gen Admin ticket. For 250 Pesos you get to go to the Mall of Asia Arena and watch the best teams in the world battle it out for 3 days! That’s around 80-something pesos per day! Sure you’re view is a bit obscured from the main stage but that’s what the big monitors are for, anyway. 

Giants Screens during ESL One Manila

We’re not entirely sure what the setup would be this year around. If it’s going to be arena type screens (viewed from all sides ala Manila Major) or one-side stage type like what they did last ESL One Manila. Still, even from afar, you’ll get to the thick of the action nonetheless.


Fnatic Signing from last year’s ESL One Manila

However, if you’re a true die hard Dota 2 Fan, might we suggest (and heavily encourage) the PREMIUM TICKET? To see your favorite players up close, getting to take selfies and autographs with them, that experience on its own is PRICELESS (also prime seats, man. The action is crazy up close, trust us, we’ve been there)! I’m definitely getting a premium seat when the ticket sales go live this Friday, February 24 at 7PM! Visit the SM Tickets website or call 470-22-22 for more details. Save the date folks, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this!