Are You Ready to Make the Big Switch? | Nintendo Switch Impressions – Should you get one?

We've tested the Switch for more than a week now and we have a few thoughts that could help you make that decision of purchasing the Switch much easier!

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The much anticipated Nintendo Switch is out and local retailers like Datablitz have had their stocks of the Switch sold out from pre-orders. It’s broken Nintendo sales records across the world and if you’re lucky enough, you may find a stray console from other retailers but if you haven’t pre-ordered, you may be hard pressed to find one at this point in time and will have to wait for the next batch. While waiting, you may be thinking, “do I really have to purchase one now or can it wait?”. Well fret no more as the Ungeek team tested out the Switch over the past week and we share our thoughts that may help you decide on whether to make the big Switch or to just wait it out a bit longer.



I’d love to like the Switch, and I’m a big day one kind of guy, but right now the force does not compel me to do so just yet. I didn’t choose to purchase the Switch just yet, but I’m most probably getting a Switch when a special edition comes out or when an updated version comes out that fixes the hardware issues.


  • Best Zelda game EVER?
    • The reviews are out, and it’s arguably the greatest Zelda game EVER. This alone could be enough to sell you the Switch if you are a big Zelda fan.
  • Concept of console transition to handheld
    • The Switch was made for this and it delivers very well on the promise of console to handheld transition, with the battery giving you around 3 hours (I would have loved for this to be a 5-6 hour thing).
  • Size is just right!
    • It’s not too small that I can hardly see what’s happening and it’s not too big that it gets cumbersome to bring around.


  • Hardware and connectivity issues
    • Horror stories about the left Joycon having disconnection issues when the signal is blocked is not good at all!
  • Flimsy parts
    • Ok not so much of a deal breaker, but at 25,000php, you better be built well. The Joycons, when connected, feel iffy too, like they could break easily.
  • Accessory pricing
    • Basically speaking, make your initial budget around 30-35k effectively, since you’ll be purchasing screen protectors, a pro controller (maybe), a carrying pouch, and a LOT of other things.
  • Weak game library
    • Right now, I see around 3-4 games I’d like to play on the Switch for the year, but that’s it.



It’s a win for me! When I first heard about the Switch I was intrigued but wasn’t really that hyped up. Even up until the launch itself I was lukewarm over it. Upon unboxing and handling the Switch, I’m pretty much sold! If I have enough cash lying around and time to play 2 consoles, I’d hit the Switch up! It’s an impressive system and that alone makes me want to root for it. On top of that, the new Zelda game is awesome! Truly a marvel!

Get it if:

  • You’re a Nintendo Fan
  • You love Zelda
  • You love new tech and want to support innovative thinking

Don’t Get it if:

  • You’re a stickler for ultra realistic graphics.
  • Not the least bit a Nintendo fan (i.e. the idea of playing Super Smash Bros, Zelda or any IP from Nintendo bores you)
  • Don’t have the extra cash lying around (duh!)



I strongly think that the Nintendo Switch is NOT a Day One purchase… maybe not even a Year One purchase at that. Aside from the fact that I usually follow a “Wait after one year” rule with consoles because of bug fixes and hardware optimizations, Nintendo sadly has a history of not having that many strong game titles for their console line-ups.

For the Switch’s price, you can actually get a PlayStation 4 – a console that has A LOT of stellar titles behind it. I wish they priced the Switch cheaper so as to get the console in the hands of as many people as possible. With their current price, however, people who are out to buy a console (and who aren’t exactly swimming in mad amounts of cash) will most likely just go for a PlayStation 4 or a Playstation 4 Pro.

Tech-wise, the Nintendo Switch is GREAT. Don’t get me wrong. I do like it. It’s great at what it does – allowing you to continue your game from beyond your couch and living room. It’s quirky. But right now, it has ONE GAME worth getting (speaking from a hardcore gamer perspective) and that’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, one title is never a good reason to invest in one whole console, in my humble opinion. I mean, sure. If you have money to burn, go and buy the Switch. I can sincerely say it’s a good buy. But if you’re a bit discerning with where you spend your gaming moniez like I am, then I would recommend that you just wait it out. Wait to see what titles come out. See if the Switch actually DOES live up to its hype as time passes by. If the Switch proves all my doubts wrong (and I’d be happy if it did), then, by all means, THAT’S when you go for it.



I have been looking forward to what the Nintendo Switch has to offer since its announcement last year. I’m actually amazed and interested with the innovation they implemented with the Joy-Con, which was particularly highlighted with the 1-2 Switch game.

As seen on the 1-2 Switch game trailer, it allowed the player to interact with other players face-to-face without looking at a monitor. The right Joy-Con also included an infrared (IR) sensor which allows for object detection, hand gestures, motions, and shapes in front of it; this feature was highlighted in the upcoming Switch game, ‘Arms’.

Because of the price and current game titles out now, I am not yet keen on getting a Nintendo Switch just yet. Might want to just wait for the launch of the big game titles such as Super Mario Odyssey, Arms, Lego City Undercover, World of Goo, and Skyrim before I get one.

By the way, if you do purchase a Switch, here are a couple of things to take note of:

  • Get a screen protector. The Switch screen seems to be prone to scratches, esp from sliding it in and out of the dock.
  • Make sure to attach the correct side of Joy-Con remote strap to the appropriate side. It may seem VERY BASIC but some people have complained about not being able to detach the straps after getting it wrong the first time around.
  • Remember your ‘friend code’. You need to share it to other Switch gamers to be able to add you as a friend and for multiplayer madness.


Well there you have it folks, a quick round up of comments and opinions on the Switch and we hope that this helps you weigh the pros and cons on whether to purchase a Switch now or wait it out a bit. A common theme among us is that the Switch is an amazing console and given what it sets out to do, this latest offering from Nintendo looks very promising. We’re all looking to purchase it at some point, and that’s where the differences lie in. Have you picked up a Switch? Let us know your thoughts on the latest console to hit town in the comments section below!