Friday, September 25, 2020
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Realme 3 | A Budget Marvel In Snapping Pictures

You don't need the reality stone in capturing great images.

We Tried the Kingdom Hearts III Demo! So Simple and… Safe?...

The world-hopping trio is back to charm you once again!

The Infection is Spreading! | Raxxon Review Part 2: Setup and...

Welcome back to part 2 of our ongoing review for Raxxon! Here we teach you all you need to know to survive the zombie outbreak. We got you covered from setup to gameplay!

Fueling the Family Feud for 23 Years | Tekken 7 Initial...

Tekken 7 is just days away from console launch, and based on our initial impressions it’s pretty clear that Bandai Namco is going all-in for its premiere fighting game. Check out our first impressions!

Are You Ready to Make the Big Switch? | Nintendo Switch...

We've tested the Switch for more than a week now and we have a few thoughts that could help you make that decision of purchasing the Switch much easier!

Cult of the New | Pandemic Iberia Detailed Review and Impressions

It seems that the Pandemic series of games are on a chain-reaction this year! History buffs and coop-fans are in for a treat as the next installment to the beloved franchise goes a bit old-school... Check out the Limited Collector's Edition Pandemic Iberia!
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