Over the last few weeks as we’ve been getting a consistent stream of info of an upcoming Bandai Namco game called Code Vein. Most recently they announced a playable demo that as of this writing, is readily playable now on consoles.


I for one is really looking forward to the game, having been dormant for almost 2 years. Upon downloading and playing the 9GB demo for a good portion of the afternoon, here’s my early impressions.


Upon starting the game, what I instantly appreciated is how robust Code Vein’s character creation was made. Even if its just a demo, Bamco didn’t splash lightly and provided the player with a myriad of options. I really liked the anime aesthetic they are driving with in making your character. This feature alone could take you hours in brewing the perfect protagonist.


The demo allows you to initially choose between three Blood Codes (there could be more at launch), but completing a certain code will give you access to future options. Each Blood codes comes with its own sets of skill, called “Gifts”. For example, a warrior-type code comes with its own buff skill, increasing your overall damage while the Magic Blood Code allows you to cast spells.


All of this pre-game preparation had me hoping that this translates well to the actual gameplay, and I have to say it did. While a select number of weapons was only made available in the demo, they didn’t hold back on all the flashy action that the game initially promised. Combat is straightforward eye-candy with a high dose of blood and weapon effects. The limited weapon options, though few, felt really distinct and I can’t wait to see the rest.

What I noticed in the demo, though a bit nitpicking since this is not the final product, is the way that my character interacts with the environment. Some animation issues like clipping and snapping on objects such as doors or loot was minimally annoying. One jarring issue I had though, is getting items from chests – the process takes a bit slower to my liking. I guess you could say that it somehow ruins the overall fast-pace of the game. But again I’m on the realms of nitpicking here since we have yet to see the full game.


Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised with the demo and impressed with the world they are building here. I hope they polish some stuff going in to release as I’m eagerly anticipating this game, enough that I want to try the demo again.