Overwatch Announces Its Newest Hero – ORISA! Now Playable on PTR!

It's official! The newest Overwatch hero is here and, indeed, it isn't Doomfist! Meet Orisa - an OR15 repaired and reconfigured by the 11-year old genius, Efi Oladele!

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It’s official! The newest Overwatch hero has been announced and, indeed, it isn’t Doomfist! Meet Orisa – an OR15 repaired and reconfigured by the 11-year old genius, Efi Oladele! Check out Orisa’s Origin Story video here:


Simply awesome! The story of Orisa and Efi are linked to Doomfist’s. Blizzard first introduced us to Efi’s backstory via a fictional interview article. Soon after, news broke out that Doomfist destroyed a bunch of OR15s at the Numbani AirportIf you check the photo however, it says that it was taken by Efi herself. Another photo was then released showing Efi going to work. And now, Orisa is released as a result of Efi’s efforts.


Orisa is the sixth TANK HERO of Overwatch and, just like her backstory says, focuses on the protection of people. Her abilities, as shown on her Hero Overview, are as follows:

  • Fusion Driver: Her primary attack. It’s like a gatling gun of sorts but slows her movement while shooting. Great for suppressing fire.
  • Fortify: This skill reduces incoming damage AND gives immunity to any action-impairing effects. In the overview, it shows that a Reinhardt Ultimate does not affect her while fortified. Sadly, this is a personal ability only and cannot be given to allies
  • Halt!: Using Graviton tech ala Zarya, Orisa can release a charge that can be detonated to cause enemies to be pulled toward it AND be slowed. Great for set-ups!
  • Protective Barrier: Orisa is capable of deploying a static barrier. While weaker than Reinhardt’s barrier, using this ability still allows her to move around, shoot, etc.
  • Supercharger: Orisa’s ultimate ability raises the damage of allies within line of sight. Pair that with the Barrier and you have your own super firing squad!


It’s looking pretty good for Orisa! She seems to be a mix of various characters (Reinhardt Shield, Zarya Graviton, Symmetra-ish Ult) and we’re definitely looking forward to how she affects the current Meta. Now the question is, will Orisa be released soon or will Doomfist be announced as well getting us Overwatch’s very first 2-hero release? Stay tuned!

Orisa is now playable in Overwatch’s PTR.