That Hilarious Deadpool 2 teaser we’ve been seeing? Catch it in Cinemas while Watching Logan!

Deadpool AND Logan in the same cinema screening? You read right, catch the Deadpool teaser while watching Logan in local cinemas starting March 11!

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Recently, a clip of Deadpool 2 went viral and users were wondering where to officially catch this. There was news that you could get a glimpse of the trailer prior to Logan but viewers who have seen Logan (and trust us, you will want to watch Logan as many times as you can, it’s that GOOD!) cannot find our little red trickster. Well then, if you’re one of the lucky movie goers this weekend, then you would be glad to know that the teaser of Deadpool 2 finally debuted in local cinemas starting March 11!


The teaser that had the world laughing out will exclusively play only in screens where “Logan” is currently on. Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Wade Wilson, also known as the foul mouthed superhero Deadpool, and in this teaser he sees an old man being mugged and as he tries to suit up, hilarity ensues. Unlike the phone booth transformations we are so used to from our favorite superheroes, Deadpool actually fumbles his costume change until the old man is actually shot by the mugger! We then see Deadpool ramble to the old man, referencing Logan by saying “You know who would have been able to save you? Logan. He doesn’t have to change into anything. All he wears is jeans and a tank-top”.


Logan has been hailed as the best Wolverine film in the franchise and surprisingly, even if it weren’t a superhero movie, it would have been a great movie altogether! If you haven’t seen Logan, do yourself a favor and book those tickets and don’t miss this once in a lifetime presentation on the big screen with two of the world’s most iconic and beloved superheroes starting March 11 in Philippine cinemas!