Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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That Hilarious Deadpool 2 teaser we’ve been seeing? Catch it in...

Deadpool AND Logan in the same cinema screening? You read right, catch the Deadpool teaser while watching Logan in local cinemas starting March 11!

Logan’s Latest Trailer shows more Action, Claws, and Comic Books!

An X-Men (franchise) movie that shows people reading...X-Men comics? How Meta is that? :p

SNIKT! First Trailer of LOGAN Just Unleashed!

20th Century Fox’s teaser trailer for Logan, the third and final Wolverine spin-off has just released! Who here is excited to see The Ol' Canucklehead pop his claws back up one last time?

Hugh Jackman says he wants to continue on playing Wolverine until...

Having played the part for over a decade and arguably the man who has brought it to life with intensity and determination as the hero himself, Australian actor and singer Hugh Jackman has stated in a recent interview that he wants to continue playing the role of Wolverine until he dies!
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