The New Day Arrives at Wrestlemania 33 With a Tribute to Final Fantasy


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    In the grandest stage of them all, The New Day, always known for paying homages to popular geek culture brands entered the arena doing what they do best and this year they sported different classes from Final Fantasy! Check out the video below:

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    You can even spot those adorable Moogles and a fat Chocobo as they enter the stage. How awesome is that?


    For those wondering, they are dressed up as the 3 classes for FFXIV: Stormblood. Can you spot who’s the Samurai, Monk and Red Mage?

    Don’t ever change, TND. 🙂

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    Brian Papa
    Geek gamer extraordinaire who constantly continues to champion the cardboard cause one uninitiated muggle a time! Meeples love me. Dice hate me.


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