Final Fantasy XV is 42% off on Amazon!

Your prayers have been answered! Final Fantasy XV is currently on sale!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Amazon just dropped a bombshell for you North American Fans! For both PS4 and Xbox One Players who have yet to explore the Land of Altissia, your prayers have been answered! Final Fantasy XV is currently on sale for only $35 dollars!


If your summer plans include catching up on your gaming then you don’t wanna miss. Sale ends May 24th!

It only took ten years and a series of teasers to hype us all up for the release of Final Fantasy XV back in November of last year. Despite initially announcing a September 2016 release date which had to be pushed back to improve the game for various reasons, fans were not disappointed when they finally got their hands on FFXV.

With a spot-on battle system, hordes of 40 enemies coming at you at once, choices, and a pretty decent storyline, we all fell in love with the latest installment of such a legendary series. It was a true comeback and a designed for first time players in mind. And Ignis makes pretty good food. 😛


If you don’t have FFXV yet, be sure not to miss out on this sale! You can also check out our impressions of FFXV HERE!