Pinoy Movies Sweep AIFFA 2017’s Short List of Films

Go Pinoy! 9 out of 31 short-listed film entrees for the AIFFA 2017 all come from the Philippines!

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More than a hundred films participated in the 3rd Edition of the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) from that batch, 31 will be showcased and compete for the awards in AIFFA 2017. From those, 9 films are from the Philippines – which makes for the most number of entrees per country.


The 9 films from the Philippines are:

Here’s hoping that these works of art can wow the AIFFA panelist and can garner as much nominations and awards as possible! Here’s to the future of Philippine cinema! For more news on AIFFA 2017, follow us on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER as we give you live updates from the festival floor!