Want a Job at Square Enix Japan!? They’re Hiring!


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    For all the Final Fantasy die hard fans this one is a real treat. Square Enix has just released a recruitment letter on their official website for people to help with…hold on, take this in, the Final Fantasy VII Remake! Square Enix’s Business Division 1 which include big names like Tetsuya Nomura himself, producer Yoshinori Kitase and dev lead Naoki Hamaguchi. And thanks to Siliconera for the english translation, they need people URGENTLY for additional talent to join their team. 


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    As a ten year old tomboy, I spent my days playing Final Fantasy games and trying to design characters that looked similarly drawn in Tetsuya Nomura’s illustrative style. For most artists, they had someone they looked up to, someone who they were inspired by. Me? I was inspired by the Creative Directer/Character Designer from Square (Enix). 

    From the horses mouth himself, Nomura had this to say, “As those of you concerned with the industry may already know, the number of domestic staff is significantly lower compared to that of foreign high-definition developers. Therefore, in order to further strengthen the development of this title, we must urgently recruit as much staff as possible.

    Kitase also adds that the ultimate goal is to make this remake better than the original by hiring more talented people do meet/exceed the expectations of fans. This is incredible news since delays have been confirmed for the launch of the long anticipated game. As disappointing as it is that I won’t be playing it anytime soon, it leaves me feeling relieved that Square Enix is taking the development of Final Fantasy VII this seriously. 

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    Kelly Faria
    As a young Kokiri child, the creatures in the world of Hyrule used to give little Kelly nightmares. She would not go out at night so the haunted bones of unfortunate travelers wouldn't eat her. She uncovered a special sword and has been going on adventures for years. Recently she found a computer in her travels, now she writes for Ungeek.


    1. you actually know the graphics but the battle needs a new styles that makes the game higher grade!! at its seen before the screen! makes them easy to manages the game moves!! and the story lines must be in dicate with the story line!! that way it make sence to a gamer to realice the differences than the passing one means the original be cost we are remake it make us advance in the screen that they enjoy most of play!! that is the spirit of a gamer!!they will never stop thingking what it change ! is ohsome result!! ^_^


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