Snack-Fu returns with Season Two of Dagashi Kashi

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth for a second time.

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Hotaru is back and probably more cray than ever.

UPDATE 08/08/17: Checkout the 1st promotional video below.

Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine’s combined 37th and 38th issue made the announcement that Dagashi Kashi will be getting a second season for the anime series.

Set to premiere in 2018, Tezuka Productions will produce the second season of the anime and will air on TBS.

Voice actress Ayana Taketatsu will return to voice Hotaru Shidare. It will be directed by Satoshi Kuwahara with character designs by Nana Miura. Dagashi Kashi is a story about… Well you can read it here. Things are really shaping up for 2018, exciting times I tell you!

Exciting times ^_^