Konami’s upcoming Tokimeki Idol game takes the idol genre to the Mobile VR stage! | TGS 2017

Konami brings a fresh perspective to the Tokimeki Memorial franchise with the mobile VR game Tokimeki Idol!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Tokyo Game Show 2017 sure brought us a lot of news and updates in the gaming world, and you can bet they didn’t leave the cute girl anime genre hanging! Konami has an upcoming school idol sim game for mobile platforms in the works, and it’s called Tokimeki Idol!


Does the title sound familiar? That’s because it’s the latest chapter in the famous dating sim franchise Tokimeki Memorial! This time around, players will be guiding 15 school idol girls from Princess Republic Music School as they aspire and persevere to perform on the ultimate Melodious Live Stage!

The girls of Princess Republic


Want to hear what’s really revolutionary about this game? Konami will be implementing mobile virtual reality in certain parts of the story! With a handy-dandy pair of mobile VR goggles, you can immerse yourself in an energetic and heart-racing concert experience by the Princess Republic girls everywhere you go!


I’ve been a fan of the Tokimeki Memorial franchise ever since I watched the Tokimeki Memorial Only Love anime series, and heaven knows I’m a sucker for the school idol genre. So when I heard news about this game I immediately went, “Sold!” and checked out the promotional video. First impressions? It did not disappoint! Just see for yourselves!


With mobile VR, pop-tastic school idol tunes, and an established dating sim story background, Tokimeki Idol is definitely one of the mobile games that must not be missed! It’s coming out this winter 2017 on iOS and Android as a free-to-play app, so be sure to stay on the lookout for it!