Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Draft your idol dream team in MNL48 Team Shuffle | Coslandia...

SMX Aura, Coslandia Day 1 - One of the highlights at Coslandia 2019 was the reveal of a new, locally-made tabletop card game based...

Idol girls? More like idol BOYS! Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live...

The pretty boys enter the idol group scene with the Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live mobile game!

Konami’s upcoming Tokimeki Idol game takes the idol genre to the...

Konami brings a fresh perspective to the Tokimeki Memorial franchise with the mobile VR game Tokimeki Idol!

In Japan, Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) is EVERYTHING!

Where they make the most simplest of pastimes intense. Because Japan.
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