Warner TV Pop Expo 2017 makes for a Family-Friendly Geeky Saturday Experience!

A Geeky Saturday fun for friends and families

Despite the rain, today was definitely a great day for geek families in the Metro as Warner TV took over BGC High Street as they transformed it into a geeky wonderland of activities known as the Warner TV Pop Expo 2017.


Spanning about half the length of the entire stretch of BGC High Street, there were various activities for people to enjoy all for free (except of course for the merch that you need to purchase). There was a Combat Archery booth where people could go against others as they try to hit each other with rubber arrows, a Sword Fighting demo area with rubber swords and kendo sticks, a Makers Tent where you’ll find 3D printing areas and drones etc, a DC Art Walkway where you can find some unique DC Art, Comic Alley where you can buy various geek merch such as prints, toys, stickers and more, and of course a main stage where the programs where held.


All-in-all, it was nice to see to families and individuals enjoy various aspects of geekery in one location. Thanks to Warner TV for holding such an event and here’s hoping more of these happen in the future!