Justice Spins its Way to 7-Eleven

Enter the craziest toy your fingers ever, um, fiddled -- FOR JUSTICE!

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In a few weeks’ time, Warner Bro’s DC Entertainment’s mega blockbuster movie franchise will hit the silver screens. Justice League, the coalition of DC’s biggest superhero names, will finally band together and see if they can surpass an enemy that they have faced far too often: fan expectation.

Before that happens, DC and Warner Bros will be mobilizing their marketing machinery and spin as much licensed merchandise and marketing buzz as they can. 7-Eleven, the trusty convenience store of choice for impromptu meriendas and/or late-night binge-sessions, is spinning their fair share of Justice League promotion – in the toy that bewilderingly took the world by storm,  the dastardly fidget spinners!

Yup, you can love it or hate it but fidget spinners are the future of brainless mechanical toys that would keep your fingers busy for days!

These spinners, aside from having the familiar DC superheroes insignia, are made more special because you can’t just buy them like any normal joe. No, sir, these spinners you have to earn! 

For every Php 50.00-peso worth of purchase at any 7-Eleven branches you get to earn a sticker on your JLA Spinner Passport. Collect all 25 and you get yourself your very own Justice League Spinner. You can fast-track this by registering for your CLiQQ rewards app and collect only 20 e-stamps. Yay!

The spinner build quality isn’t exactly the most premium of items to be won. Everything felt, well, quite “plasticky”… maybe because the whole thing is made up of lightweight AB plastic. To be frank, if I’m shelling out Php 1250 I’d rather have a merch that has a little bit of heft. In any case, the designs are, um, quite questionable. There are currently 3 spinner designs out in the market. A circular one, the surfboard-type and an atomic symbol (Why? I have no idea). According to the event there’s a special one that’s yet to be made public (they teased that the design will come out on the last week of October). I do hope that the 4th design would have at least made an attempt to link the individual spinner to the character they’re promoting (i.e. Batarang Spinners for Batman?).

This makes sense, right? Alas…

Well, it’s not like you can choose the design anyway. Yup, the Special Edition Justice League Spinners are all housed in blind-box format…meaning everything is random. According to the 7-Eleven exec, they wanted to imbibe the spirit of trading among the collectors. While I do get the geek sentiment behind it, I’m not entirely sure that people will go gaga over these particular merch (hey, I could be wrong).

Why, doe…?

In any case, if you’re the type who frequents 7-Eleven, then the fidget spinner is a pretty good deal. You’re buying anyway, might as well get something out of it, right?

The 7-Eleven Justice League spinner promo runs from now till Nov 21, 2017.