Gamer couple busts out a Buster Sword to cut their wedding cake

Now this is how you show off your love for Final Fantasy!

While it looked very much like a Filipino wedding at first, this gamer couple showed off their Final Fantasy love by bringing out a huge Buster Sword to cut their wedding cake!

These newlyweds are Tina Antonio and Wolfgang Schmitz who are big fans of video games. The couple got married just recently, and Tina shared what is undoubtedly one of their special day’s highlights —  the wedding cake cutting using Cloud Strife’s signature weapon.

We recently got to have a quick chat with the couple to learn more about why they decided to bring out a Buster Sword and what their favorite games are:

Whose idea was it to use the Buster Sword for the wedding? What was your partner’s (or your) reaction when it was first brought up (like if it was Tina’s idea, what was her partner’s reaction when the idea to use a Buster Sword first came about)?

Tina: It was my idea since we’re both gamers and I remembered that a friend and colleague (DJ Bandit) was a collector and shown the steel replica on his TikTok channel.

Wolfgang: I was instantly cool with it, though of course, I knew that not all our guests would get the reference.

Is Final Fantasy VII your (or your partner’s) favorite franchise from the series?

Wolfgang: It’s my favorite, yes, because Vagrant Story doesn’t really count (though technically it’s set in the Final Fantasy XII world of Ivalice).

Tina: Mine is Final Fantasy VIII, which is why we also did the Squall & Rhinoa dance! I’m also currently playing Final Fantasy Online.

How was the experience of cutting the cake with that ginormous sword?

Tina: Heavy! It’s steel, so it really is as weighty as it looks. And it required some practice and coordination between the two of us.

Wolfgang: We definitely gained more respect for Cloud through this experience!

Bonus: We’re currently playing Elden Ring. And even have a map on our bedroom wall!

Aside from showing off their Final Fantasy love, this nod to gaming is also a way to celebrate their story. That’s because games were a huge part of Tina and Wolfgang’s relationship during the lockdowns.

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