What is up with Tokyo Game Show and Clear File Cases?! | TGS 2017 Highlight

Organize your files in style!

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If you haven’t seen our recent posts, the Ungeek team flew to glorious Nippon to embark on an epic journey to create the one thing we desired the most… an anime intro. We also lucked out on a few items that piqued our interest, like this can of coffee Coke! Our main quest though was the much celebrated Tokyo Game Show (and their booth babes) and we were not disappointed with all the awesome sights and sounds we experienced but amidst all of the goodness… Can someone please explain to me what is up with all these file cases???


As we scoured the halls of TGS 2017, we noticed a continuing trend among the booths – quite a number gave paper fans, some gave really nice plastic bags and brochures, while a few gave stickers and button pins. We filled out bags with all the loot and as we played around with arguably the best TGS giveaway from Razerwe sat down satisfied with our haul.

After a bit of sorting, we ended up getting more than we wanted but immediately gasped at the huge number of clear file cases we had amassed. Did I not get the memo that this was a thing in Japan? There were quite a number of really solid designs and these took the cake!


Don’t you just love it how Japan wants you to stay organized? Even these lovely booth babes want you to keep your files nice and neat!


While we don’t really understand it, we’re not complaining! These things just look so amazing that I can’t help but look forward to what’s gonna be there for TGS 2018! 😀

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