Dragon Ball Episode 116 promises to be one jam-packed fight episode with Goku on Ultra Instinct taking on Super Saiyan Potara-fused Kefla. The preview roll is already out and we’d like to quickly go over some of the major highlights in the clips.

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Kefla Gets a Beatdown

As expected, Super Saiyan Kefla gets pummeled by Goku who was able to activate Ultra Instinct Mode. The clips showed her being pushed back and her attacks getting easily countered by Goku. We had a preview of this in Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 when Goku just swatted away Kefla’s destructive energy blasts.

Kefla Rages

Channeling her rage, Kefla unleashes a powerful counterattack against Goku. Note the color change of the energy blasts. Kefla is usually green or yellow. This is the first time we’re seeing it in crimson red.

Goku Goes All Out

In response Goku attacks with a vicious Kamehameha. We have a bad feeling though that he’ll run out of stamina again as the heat starts to emanate from his body once again. This was the sign that he’s running out of energy, just like his battle with Jiren.

Jiren Wakes Up

And this is the moment we’re all waiting for. It looks like that we finally get to see Jiren wake up from his meditation thanks to the battle between Goku and Kefla.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 airs next Sunday. Make sure you check back again here on the site for our breakdown and highlights!


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