Dragon Ball Super Episode 116: We Have to Talk About that Kamehameha!


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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 just dropped and it didn’t disappoint! As the previous teaser hinted, the episode revolved around the clash of Kefla and Goku who was able to activate Ultra Instinct in Episode 115.

    Kefla at Super Saiyan 2

    In the fight we saw Kefla boost up toe Super Saiyan 2 and then go on a relentless offensive against Goku. The fight was so intense that everyone else stopped their matches to watch. The energy levels were even enough to finally break Jiren out of his meditation!

    The over-all theme of the fight, Goku dodging Kefla.

    Let’s skip to the highlight of the episode: Goku’s epic pointblank Kamehameha.

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    In the last few moments of the fight, Kefla goes all out berserk and her blasts even change color to red from the usual yellow-green. Goku effortlessly evades all the blasts and he starts to build up power for a Kamehameha. Kefla went batshit crazy at this point and started to wreck the entire arena with her energy blasts. She then fires off one of the most brutal energy attacks I’ve ever seen at Goku.

    Time to end this.

    Then Goku reverse surfs the blast, positions himself directly above Kefla, and unleashes an even more brutal Kamehameha, sending Kefla out of the arena and eliminating her from the Tournament of Power.

    So did he just use the Kamehameha energy ball to surf Kefla’s attack? Lol
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    That was one sick move Goku. It literally brought out the inner Zen-o in me as my jaw dropped in amazement, haha!

    Anyway, Kefla gets eliminated but at a big cost. Ultra Instinct drastically drained Goku’s stamina and he’s a prime target now that he’s back to his normal self. The teaser for Dragon Ball Episode 117 already shows that Universe 2 has their eyes on him now that he’s weakened.

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    What did you guys think of this episode? Let us know in the comments section below!

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