Lit New OPPO Phone drops today! Get yours, fam!

Dude, this here's a really tight smart phone, yo!

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This just in, there’s a new Selfie Expert smartphone in town and it belongs, well, to people who deem themselves true Selfie Experts – the youths! That’s right, OPPO, the leader in making sure selfies come out as crisp, clean and naturally beautiful as possible, is now reaching out to a younger market with the release of the OPPO F5 Youth.

Coming from its widely successful launch of the OPPO F5 (where crazy amounts of units were sold in a matter of days), the F5 is extending the line to a younger and equally vibrant market bringing together everything that makes the F5 great and packaging it with a slightly more convenient price point appropriate for the target market in mind. 😉

The F5 Youth still sports an 18:9 display of FHD glory and mirroring the F5’s bezel-less design, you get more screen real estate than you ever did.  This means that the fingerprint sensor is once again placed at the back and the F5 Youth is equipped with the F5’s blazing-fast face-unlock technology so you can open your phones with ease.

But all of these wouldn’t matter if we do not touch up on the camera, right? I mean, this is still an OPPO phone and OPPO phones are synonymous with selfie outputs. We’re confident that even at a slightly lesser pixel-camera, the OPPO F5 Youth will perform undoubtably well. Carrying a 16MP front camera instead of a 20MP one from the F5, the OPPO F5 Youth is still supported with the latest A.I. Beautification so your selfies can #CaptureTheRealYou.

It’s always good to be you at all times except ….

kappa 😀


Kidding, aside, the OPPO F5 Youth is a stunningly great device jumping from the success of the OPPO F5. What’s better is that it is made much more affordable at an SRP of Php 13,990. They did have an opening day promo where the first 30 customers would get an Olike headset worth Php 2,000. That, of course, is probably all gone by now but hey, knowing OPPO they’ll have something up their sleeves sometime soon – and especially nearing the Holiday season!

Check back as we look deeper at the OPPO F5 Youth soon here at!

Is that Brock Lesnar doing the F5…on an F5 Youth? :))