Asus offers AiMesh Wi-Fi software for Asus routers to create a Whole-Home Wi-Fi Solution


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    Asus is jumping on the mesh Wi-Fi trend after having unveiled a software update that allows you to turn your Asus routers into a mesh Wi-Fi network. Basically, rather than have multiple routers with different networks, AiMesh puts all your routers on a single network, creating a net or a “mesh”. This allows you to expand your Wi-Fi range, without the associated speed decrease with typical Wi-Fi range extenders.

    Mesh Wi-Fi systems are the new frontier of the Wi-Fi world, with Google, Amazon, and other companies releasing their own product. Usually, you’ll have to buy separate nodes, which often means another expense. Asus is making it easy for you to re-purpose your old routers to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Naturally, all other Asus routers features will still be available for the AiMesh system.

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    Currently supported routers are RT-AC68U, RT-AC86U, and RT-AC88U. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. Asus Blue Cave, and the Asus Lyra Series routers will be available later in 2018.

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