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In just a couple of days, the 2018 Taipei Game Show is about to begin. Heralded as one of the biggest video game events in Asia, the Taipei Game Show is five (5) days of gaming goodness!

The whole event is a HUGE show of Triple A and Indie Games. The Indie Game Fiesta is the largest indie game festival out there as it features 25 countries and 180 Indie Teams for console, PC, mobile, VR, and Boardgames. For the Taipei Game Show proper, huge Triple A names will be present like PlayStation, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Ubisoft, SEGA Games, Gravity, and more! There will also be the Asia Pacific Game Summit, where various speakers will hold talks on topics regarding the fields of eSports, Indie Games, AR/VR, R&D, and Marketing.


Recognizing the significance and massiveness of Taipei Game Show, the Geek Collective will be covering the event to bring all sorts of news and content to the Philippine Geek Community as well as to the rest of their audiences globally.  The Geek Collective is a group of various media entities in the Philippines that focus on geek culture who banded together with the intent of promoting, engaging, and growing local geek communities and interests. To achieve this, each member of the Geek Collective seeks to report on relevant geek news that happen both locally and globally as well as to make creative content that the communities will enjoy. The five (5) current members of the Geek Collective are UnGeek, Will Work 4 Games, Twenty8Two, Geekend Gladiators, and Too Much Gaming with each outfit lending their own expertise towards the group. This joining of efforts, sharing of best practices, networking between contacts, and creative collaboration aims to elevate Philippine geek and gaming journalism to new heights. Be sure to watch out for coverage of the 2018 Taipei Game Show from each member of the Geek Collective!


To commemorate the first international coverage of the Geek Collective, we’re launching a Taipei Game Show 2018 Merch Giveaway in each of the partner sites. We’re giving away SPECIAL TAIPEI GAME SHOW 2018 MERCH GIFT PACKS to FIVE LUCKY WINNERS! Each partner of the Geek Collective will be hosting a giveaway in their respective channels



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Exemptions and Eligibility

  1. The promo is open to community members of UnGeek, Will Work 4 Games, Twenty8Two, Geekend Gladiators, and Too Much Gaming
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  5. In the event that the prize is not claimed within 30 days after announcement of winners and/or of initial contact, UnGeek, Will Work 4 Games, Twenty8Two, Geekend Gladiators, and Too Much Gaming will dispose of the said prize in any manner they deem fit.

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