The sun rises over the Philippines! Eric Lang’s board game masterpiece ‘Rising Sun’ arrives!

Rising Sun makes its debut in the Philippines!

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Kami save us! We are unprepared for the highly anticipated Rising Sun! It is due to arrive in noble hands within a week (for those who backed the KS)! Forgive us, oh Kami, for our transgressions! To reconcile for this grave error, we shall do what we can to teach others the way of the Rising Sun!


In the world of Rising Sun, three to five players must bring honor to our clans! Honor meaning negotiating trade deals with our peasant neighbors, recruiting powerful kaiju to scare our foes and the worship of the divine kami who we pray do not ask us to commit seppuku. (Though indeed, seppuku is a viable path to honor.)


Rising Sun comes with 50 detailed miniature warriors and 8 miniature kaiju, 53 cards and over 100 tokens. All our actions will take place on top a lovingly crafted tribute to the Kami: a cardboard map of Japan. No expense is wasted on our tribute to the Kami!



Have you too transgressed upon the Kami and missed out on the epic Kickstarter? Fear not! Eric Lang’s Rising Sun is expected to hit retail shelves April 2018!

If want to find out more about what Rising Sun is, you can check out our OVERVIEW OF THE GAME!