This Special Playstation x Nike PG2 Pack will make you wish you could own it!

This collab is unleashing the hypebeast in all of us!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

There has been much talk about this special PlayStation x Nike sneakers collaboration and, suffice to say, fans are pretty damned hype about it. And then, THIS HAPPENED!

Yup. NBA trainer Chris Brickley revealed via Instagram a special Playstation x Nike PG2 pack with contents that would make any collector’s edition fan drool! Here are the contents:

  • The Playstation x Nike PG2 Shoes with redeemable PSN Codes at the back
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Console
  • Two (2) Custom PS4 Controllers with PG Logo
  • PlayStation Store gift card
  • Nike PlayStation backpack with an inner flap that says “Don’t Tell Me The Sky’s The Limit When There Are Footprints On The Moon”


Looks hype AF, doesn’t it? Makes you wanna get one for yourself? NOPE! Apparently, this special pack is only available to the friends and family of Paul George so unless you match that specific criteria, you might just join the rest of us as we longingly look at these pics and pray that PS and Nike release, at the very least, a limited amount to the public.

Till then, let’s just wait for February 10, 2018 when these awesome sneaks get released in limited quantities! You can get one for 110 USD at!