3 reasons why you should definitely add Altered Carbon to your Netflix watch list!

Binge watch!

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Ever wanted to be immortal? Live forever, span generations, even outlive the earth maybe. Sounds awesome, until you find out you have to switch bodies every now and then. Enter Altered Carbon, the newest and latest MUST-WATCH series from Netflix, based on the 2002 novel written by Richard Morgan.


The premise of Altered Carbon is pretty freaky if you ask me. Imagine your body is literally just a shell which can be changed from time to time and only your consciousness really survives. You can technically “live” forever, you just need to have a change of “clothes” from time to time. The show has been hyped up to be a great binge watch, and we highly recommend it to those who are still on the fence. If the trailers aren’t enough reason for you to dive in, here’s 3 reasons why you should click that plus sign to add it to your list.


It’s like the best of Sci-Fi put together!

Altered Carbon gives off a very ghost in the shell-ish feel through the idea of the consciousness transfer but something about the world that Altered Carbon built around itself makes it so engrossing and so immersive.

Have you seen the recent Blade Runner 2049 movie? One reason why I found that film to be so captivating was how the future was portrayed, that it really “felt” like the future, and Altered Carbon is no different. Neon lights, a cyberpunk metropolis, flying cars, the works! This is what you’ve imagined the future to be and Altered Carbon portrays it perfectly, it would make the book proud. If you’ve read the book, you’ll be glad to know that the series is just as good!

Cheers to the freaking weekend!

There’s really no better reason to binge watch this superb 10 episode show. Don’t feel like going out? Want to stay at home and beat the traffic and the payday crowds? Well then, cozy up and strap yourself in because it’s time for some Netflix and chill. With Altered Carbon to keep you company, you can very much say that it’s a weekend well spent!

Great action, outstanding special effects, and commendable acting makes Altered Carbon a must watch and come February 2 (that’s today), jump into the world where immortality is only several hundred dollars away!