TUF IT UP! Famed ROG Motherboard line comes to their gaming notebooks, and we’re loving it!

Looks like TUF isn't just for motherboards anymore...

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If you’ve were able to watch the livestream a few days ago from the ASUS Republic of Gamers social media page, you’d know the that the famed pc, gaming and peripherals company announced a whole slate of nifty new machines that will tickle any gamer’s fancy throughout 2018.

And while a lot of people are going crazy over the new Zephyrus M line, there was another line that really piqued our interest. It’s the newest addition to ASUS ROG’s growing notebook family – the TUF (The Ultimate Force) series.


To those who may not know, TUF is ROG’s motherboard line that concentrates on a more streamlined structure with the concept of durability at its core. Designs are inspired by boxy militaristic art-style than sleek sci-fi futuristic design (think StarCraft’s Terran than Tron).


The once uncategorized and often confused FX series (whether jumping from ASUS or ROG product line) is now officially being designated under the TUF branding. While I’ll miss the simple and sleek look of the old FX Models (the ones that we shot for our Gentleman Gamer concept shoot), the new TUF models still looks mighty awesome.



Still taking a minimalist design approach, the new TUF FX504 series employs angular grooves and cuts throughout the unit as homage to stealth jet fighter’s design.


As part of the FX line, the TUF FX504 variant will be the most affordable among the bunch, but that doesn’t mean that ASUS will be stripping the line of any gaming power? With a minimum GPU of GTX 1050 and still equipped with the latest Intel 8th -gen Core Processors, the TUF series is a welcome sight for soon-to-be hardcore gamers.

And speaking of sight, even though the TUF Series is supposedly the entry-level line for the gaming laptop family, it’s still equipped with crazy 120 Hz, 3ms, Wide-View IPS display panel offering tremendous refresh rate speed on a superbly crystal-clear viewing screen. Yeahp, ASUS removed TN panels from their gaming product lines. To further the display, here’s a comparison video:

Perhaps one of the things that I absolutely I love about the TUF series is its enlarged bottom panel that you can easily remove to accommodate for easily upgrade of harddrives in addition to RAM. Now, upgrading your HDD or adding an SSD is easier than before – and won’t compromise your warranty.

Here are key Specs of the TUF FX Series

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8300 or Intel Core i7- 8750
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050/ GTX 1050ti / GTX 1060
  • RAM: 4G/ 8G DDR4 upto 32GB upgrade
  • ROM: Seagate Firecuda 1TB SSHD with 8G Cache (on most TUF series units)
  • COOLING: 12-voltz Dual Fan with Anti-Dust Cooling and Overboost technology
  • I/O Ports: USB 2.0/ USB 3.1/ HDMI 1.4/ RJ45 Port/ Audio Jack


Overall, we’d like to take some time with the new series just to see if it really measures up.


Prices for the ASUS TUF FX Series ranges from Php 56,995 for the ASUS FX504GD-EN045T (Metal) to Php 77,995 for the FX504GM-EN001T (Metal). Here’s the full price grid.

FX504GM-EN001T (Metal)15″ FHDIPS 120HZi5-83008G1TB+128G PCIEGTX1060 6GD5₱77,995
FX504GE-EN039T (Metal)15″ FHDIPS 120HZi7-87508G1TBSSH+128PCIEGTX1050ti 4GD5₱72,995
FX504GE-EN179T (Metal)15″ FHDIPS 120HZi7-87508G1TB-8GSSHGTX1050Ti 4GD5₱69,995
FX504GD-EN045T (Metal)15″ FHDIPS 120HZi5-83004G1TB-8GSSHGTX1050 4GD5₱56,995


For more information, please check the ASUS website and follow the ASUS ROG Facebook Page!