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    5 tips to achieve maximum enjoyment while playing Detroit: Become Human

    Trust us on Number 5


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    Detroit: Become Human is finally here and for a game that took quite a number of years to go live, it sure was worth the wait! The game scored a 9.5/10 in our review and while playing, we figured that there are some things you could do while going through your first playthrough for the best experience possible! Check out these 5 tips before undertaking the masterpiece that is Detroit: Become Human!


    Choose “Experienced” difficulty, even on your first playthrough

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    When starting out the game, you are asked to choose what difficulty you would want to play the game at. While most would choose the easier, more story driven option, I would personally suggest you go for the harder, “experienced” mode. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not particularly tough and since this is not a “skill” based game by any means, experienced just means having to choose a bit faster and being decisive about your choices. I find that this really increases the immersion factor into the game and you wouldn’t want to look away since there are some things you might miss that will directly alter future events of the game. Bite the bullet and stay away from the easy difficulty for this time.


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    Finish the game once without altering any of your choices

    A Quantic Dream special, choices in Detroit will DRASTICALLY affect future events. I highly recommend that you play through the game the first time without repeating any scenario and without altering any of your choices. Detroit is a fantastic game that boasts of a gripping tale and it’s the connectivity of these events that drive the story forward. If you choose to alter an event particularly because you didn’t like the outcome, PLAY THROUGH IT and just repeat the scene once you are done with the game. You will terribly wreck the experience if you choose to replay scenes as you go along without finishing the game first.

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    Take your time… or not

    As you progress in the game, you will notice a few things regarding time. First is that if you take too long during a certain event, chances are that other actions will be locked out from you or that you may no longer explore a certain area. The important thing is to keep focused and play your cards smart. If the situation is urgent, obviously you’ll have to be quick on your wits. If the situation calls for a more relaxed pace, then you can help yourself by exploring a little. Be smart about context clues and you’ll manage pretty well even during your first playthrough.


    Read and explore when you can

    As with narrative based games, it is a basic truth that reading and understanding the dialog and other clues will help you conquer the game. The same rings true for Detroit. During the game, you will be faced with certain choices asking you about clues in the surrounding area and if you paid attention to these details, you will get to unlock new dialog choices and actions that can make or break the upcoming event outcome. Gather all clues for a higher chance of success or take the risk and go in head on, the choice is yours.


    Don’t mind the flowchart, heck, don’t even look at it

    I KNOW I SAID DON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT but hey, this was from the demo so… fair game? In any case, it’s pretty hard to ignore the flowchart because it’s actually COOL to find out where you could go wrong and where your choices branch out but as much as you can (at least for your first playthrough), don’t bother looking at it and just skip that portion entirely after every scenario. For a game that heavily hinges on the narrative, knowing possible outcomes, even with the slightest hints, can cause some sort of negative effect on how you would view future events. Think of it as a spoiler of sorts, nobody wants spoilers right? I personally find the flowchart a cool feature for completionists but it may be a point of contention for others. That said, for your first playthrough, go through the game “blind” and skip these, you’ll enjoy the story a lot more not knowing the “what if’s”.


    That’s about it folks, we know you can’t wait to play the game and as much as Thanos demanded your silence during the Avengers screenings, be a good gamer and don’t spoil any of the plot points of Detroit for fellow gamers. This game is a wonderful experience and everybody deserves to enjoy the game in its full glory.

    Detroit: Become Human releases exclusively on the Sony Playstation 4 today, May 25! Check your local retailers or the PS store for your copy!

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    Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia
    Chris has been part of the Philippine eGaming scene ever since his Level Up! days working on Ragnarok. This Dota 2-talking, Yeezy-wearing and technical-gaming proficient geek, enjoys eSports on an international and local level. He's doing his bit for the industry as well as he continues to work with wonderfully talented local game devs at Altitude Games.


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