Non Spoiler Review: Ryan Reynolds is better and badder this time around in Deadpool 2

The name is Pool... Dead Pool.

When it aired in 2016, Deadpool broke box office records left and right like what the merc with a mouth always does with the fourth wall. Mainstream audiences were finally introduced to one of Marvel’s more well known, insane, and very anti-heroic characters ever. It was extremely violent, unapologetically crass, funny, and faithful to the source material, and the fans loved it! Naturally, a sequel shouldn’t be too far off based on how well the first movie was received and two years later, Deadpool is poised for another box office smash hit in his hands. Check out our spoiler free review of Deadpool 2!


So what’s next for Deadpool? Well if you’ve seen the trailers, Wade finds himself protecting a mutant boy from the time travelling X-Men hero Cable, who will stop at nothing make sure this kid is put 6 feet under. What Cable’s motives are for doing it is anyone’s guess. Luckily, Deadpool isn’t alone in this mission as he enlists the help of new characters like the lucky Domino and the sword wielding Shatterstar. It’s actually great to see some of the other Marvel groups get a nod and who knows, maybe we can expect a spin off movie in the future!

If you’ve seen the first film, and really, who hasn’t, you’d know that it was fantastic both in violence and comedy. Now does this sequel live up to the hype that it’s predecessor established? An astounding yes! But a word of caution, just don’t expect them to reinvent the wheel. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it yeah? The first movie’s plot was fairly basic – an origins and damsel in distress story – told in a more mature and anti-heroic manner since it’s Deadpool we’re talking about here. The plot for Deadpool 2 isn’t particularly groundbreaking either and it really doesn’t need to be since the movie is something you enjoy based on the action and violence with a little plot sprinkled in between. It works for people who have AND haven’t seen the first film, and I believe the movie will be enjoyable for fans and non-fans alike.

That’s the closest that thing to criticism I can think of for Deadpool 2, which really isn’t much when you think about it. Now if were’ talking about what’s great about Deadpool 2, then what I like about it is it’s very much consistent. Does that make sense? The first movie was a faithful representation of the character with it’s level of violence, mature themes, and Deadpool’s trademark wisecracks and fourth wall breaking, poking fun at other movies and the superhero genre in general. It’s pretty much the same in Deadpool 2 but it also raises the stakes. Deadpool is out fulfilling his role of being a hero (somewhat) in protecting someone and while he is some sort of an anti-hero with all his antics and with him being a jerk most of the time, he’s still a good guy at heart that wants to do the right thing, only he does things his way. So even if he says he’s no hero, Deadpool can be pretty heroic if he wants to. And it shows in this movie!

One big thing about the first and second film is the comedy. Deadpool poking fun at other movies, one-liners, and zany antics are the main highlight of the movie and despite the film having a rather serious plot (save the kid, be a hero), you can count on Deadpool to somehow still break the tension. It’s also great how some of his wisecracks are direct references to the source materials so long time fans of Deadpool and X-Men fans in general may get a hearty laugh here and there. The supporting cast is equally awesome and they do also their fair share of delivering the laughs and kicking arse, including Colossus, Domino, and of course Dopinder.


Overall, Deadpool’s second outing on the big screen is the total package. It has action, drama, a fair dose of comedy, and a whole lot of Deadpool, which is what the fans are really after. If you can get past the small fact that it doesn’t really break the mould and enjoy it on its own merits then fans of superhero movies in general will have one hell of a time with this R – Rated comedy!

Deadpool 2 is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Marvel and 20th Century Fox!