Giordano and Disney joins forces to make your family a whole lot more Incredible!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Over this Father’s Day weekend, Giordano teams up with Disney in presenting to budding Incredible families their Incredibles 2x Giordano Collection with a stunning Incredible Day(s) Event held at the Trinoma Activity Center!

    Mounds of fun activities can be seen sprawled throughout the activity floor with each booth highlighting a particular member from the super-powered family from Pixar and Disney. There’s a wall of mirror for Elastigirl, a small race track for Dash, a strong-man photo-op for Mr. Incredible, a weird string course dubbed Laser Field obstacle for Jack-Jack where players are challenged to go through the obstacle without hitting any of the strings and at the center of it all are these big translucent inflatable balls that you can ride alluding to Violet’s invisible force-field powers.

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    But the highlight of the event is the beautiful collection, of course. Check the gallery below:

    There’s a ton of good prints for this collection with some highlighting the Parr family as a whole…

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    …or each individual member.

    What’s great about this particular collection is the amazing deal one can get if you buy two or more shirts. Priced at Php 899, the cost of each successive shirt drops down to Php 699 when you get your 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th pair. Plus, you can get a limited-edition Incredibles 2 drawstring bag for every purchase of three (3) printed tees from the collection.

    The bag is quite good as the nylon used has a thicker stock than most corporate giveaways (trust us, we’ve received a lot of those over the years). PLUS, it has a small quick access pouch for small items, coins, usb drives and whatnots. It’s hella convenient plus superbly stylish with the Incredibles graphic print.

    Ultimately there’s something for everybody and you can dress your entire family and celebrate an Incredible day with them.

    Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 x Giordano Collection is now available in all Giordano Stores nationwide.

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