Guarding the Payload with our Uniqlo x Blizzard Shirts on! An E3 2018 Special!

TFW you get to rep your favorite FPS game in front of their amazing booth at E3!

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A dream come true, Ungeek was able to barge through the hallowed convention halls of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or more commonly known as E3) last June 12-14, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

To make the coverage a little bit more special, we asked, nay pleaded, with our friends from UNIQLO to help dress us up for this momentous occasion – and they pulled through just like a good backup on the last stretch of Route 66.

Not only did they fit us with amazing UNIQLO UTs, they did so with select pieces from the drool-worthy Blizzard x UNIQLO pack! OH GHOD! I LOVE YOU GUYS!


Naturally, we had to take photos of us struttin’ our stuff in front of the Blizzard booths and boy, oh boy, did they have a good one this year. As if knowing that we’ll be bringing a lot of Overwatch shirts (except you, Rob :p), the one towering Blizzard booth at E3 is this fun Payload Tour photo set-up they have.

So, what do you get when you have have group of people, wearing Overwatch shirts in front of an Overwatch installation? You join in on the fun, of course! Check. This. Out.

That’s a whole lot of fun, especially with the props! Super want to keep that D.Va headset and gun!

The Blizzard x UNIQLO collection reportedly will drop this June 18th in the Philippines, so watch out for that! For now, here are a few more pics of us in front of the Blizzard Booth.