Kingdom Hearts 3 Release date for both PS4 and Xbox!

    10 years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 is now on Xbox and Playstation 4!


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    Square Enix has been up to pretty big projects the last decade. At E3 2018, we learned some big news! Kingdom Hearts 3 not only is due to hit shelves January 29th, 2019, but for the first time EVER will be available on PS4 AND XBOX One! With some new worlds like Toy Story and Frozen and familiar faces such as Organization XIII, Ansem, Mickey, and Aqua to name a few, we get some brand new game mechanics and a new re-imaged way to play. The trailer even dropped a brand new track from Utada Hikaru called “Don’t Think Twice”.


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    Kelly Faria
    As a young Kokiri child, the creatures in the world of Hyrule used to give little Kelly nightmares. She would not go out at night so the haunted bones of unfortunate travelers wouldn't eat her. She uncovered a special sword and has been going on adventures for years. Recently she found a computer in her travels, now she writes for Ungeek.


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