New Extended Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 dropped

    New Character and worlds revealed for Kingdom Hearts 3


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    In addition to the trailer dropped yesterday at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday, Square Enix had a few more reveals in the extended trailer for their press conference. So far they confirmed the worlds Hercules, Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Frozen, Big Hero Six, Tangled, and some familiar places like twilight town. The main difference was the character reveals– such as Kairi, Roxas’ friends from Twilight Town, and Axel from Organization XIII. 

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    Kelly Faria
    As a young Kokiri child, the creatures in the world of Hyrule used to give little Kelly nightmares. She would not go out at night so the haunted bones of unfortunate travelers wouldn't eat her. She uncovered a special sword and has been going on adventures for years. Recently she found a computer in her travels, now she writes for Ungeek.


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