The UNIQLO Kaws X Sesame Street collection is out now

Take all my money UNIQLO!

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Fresh off releasing the awesome Blizzard UT collection, UNIQLO just released a new UT graphic t-shirt line — the KAWS X SESAME STREET collection! This new line of t-shirts is a continuation of UNIQLO’s previous collabs with artist/designer KAWS (such as the KAWS X PEANUTS UT collection).

The KAWS X SESAME STREET UT line features your favorite Sesame Street characters, but with Xs instead of eyes — which is a staple of KAWS collabs. The collection has a total of 23 t-shirts of different colors and/or designs for people of all ages.

Here’s a look at some of the KAWS X SESAME STREET shirts:


For those unfamiliar with KAWS, he is a an American artist and designer who became well known for his graffiti work, sculptures, paintings, and toys. KAWS is also an influential figure in the street art and streetwear scene.

Each shirt of the KAWS x SESAME STREET will be available in XS to 2XL sizes (with XS and 2XL only being available in large UNIQLO stores. The t-shirts will be priced at PHP 590.