Watch: The new Zoids Wild anime promo

A new promo for the upcoming Zoids Wild anime series was just released. The series airs this July.

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It’s been so long since the last Zoids anime aired (last 2006 to be exact), so we’re all so excited for the upcoming Zoids Wild series. A short trailer for Zoids Wild was released last month, and now there’s an even better (and longer) promo video. Yes, it got us even more hyped up!

Watch the new Zoid Wild PV below:


While the new trailer showes some awesome Zoid-on-Zoid action, story details have yet to be revealed; aside of course from the main character Arashi. What we do know is that pilots are now riding on top of the Zoids, compared to having cockpits in previous Zoids animes.

Zoids Wild is the fifth Zoids anime release, and of course there will be toys! The first major Zoids for accompanying Wild are Wild Liger and Gilraptor (check the toys out here). There will also be an manga for the series, along with a Zoids Wild game for the Switch.



Zoids Wild airs in Japan this July 7, 2018. Stay posted here at for more Zoids Wild updates!