We brave the lines at EA Play so you guys didn’t have to

That drawstring bag though.

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EA Play just concluded after finally bringing us much awaited tidbits about some of the biggest upcoming games like Fifa 19, Madden 19, Battlefield V, Battlefront 2, Unraveled Two, and Anthem. We conquered the scorching sun of Hollywood and long lines to bring you a taste of how it all went down so join us as we take you on a quick tour of EA Play 2018!


At EA Play, they literally want you play all of their upcoming offerings. From Unraveled Two to Command and Conquer Mobile and Anthem, fall in line to get a chance to play all of the future games and content from these titles and much more! Look at ALL THESE LINES!!!

As expected, Anthem and Battlefield V took the lion’s share of the audience attention, as these 2 are expected to carry the heavy load for EA moving forward. Anthem has been positively received by the audience and only time will tell if this is the Destiny killer it’s made out to be.


If lines turn you off, well we’ve got some news for you. If you don’t mind the heat, you could go home with sweet swag as you complete certain activities. These people are all smiles as you can see, as those Anthem and Battlefront prints are straight fire. You can even get Yarny dolls, EA temporary tattoos and facepaint, cosplay picture opportunities with Anthem Javelin exosuits, and a sweet EA drawstring bag just for attending!


EA Play was a blast and it’ll go on for the rest of the weekend leading up to the main event that is E3 2018. If you’re in the area, drop by to get a taste of the offerings from EA as we count down the days for the big one!