Meet the Filipino voices of Goku, Doraemon, and more at APCC 2018

My inner child is so excited for APCC 2018!

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As if you needed any more reason to come to AsiaPop Comic Con 2018. Not only are big celebrity guests such as Finn Jones and Tye Sheridan coming to APCC this year, renowned local guests will also make an appearance.

Which local personalities you might ask? Just the voice actors behind some of the  beloved fictional characters from our childhood! Four VAs in particular are holding a special and nostalgic panel session at APCC 2018.

Here’s a quick rundown of the voice actors coming to the event this weekend:


Apollo Abraham

Apollo Abraham is the voice behind DBZ’s major characters such as Freiza, Krillin, and Mr. Satan/Master Pogi in the Filipino dub. He reprised the roles of Krillin and Mr. Satan in the Filipino dub of Dragon Ball GT;  he also lent his voice to Voltes V’s Prince Zardos along with 24’s Jack Bauer.


Bernie Malejana

Up next is Bernie Malejana, the voice of everyone’s favorite robot cat Doraemon in the anime’s Filipino dub. Bernie also voiced a lot of characters in the Filipino versions of Dragon Ball and Naruto. The characters he voiced include Trunks, Piccolo, Yajirobe, Rock Lee, Kabuto, Kankuro, and Jiraiya.


Benjie Dorango 

Also joining the panel is Benjie Dorango, whose voice was heard (and loved) by Filipinas everywhere in the 2000s, thanks to his Filipino dub of Meteor Garden’s Dao Ming Si. Benjie also voiced Apo Jukai of the Zenki anime.


Jeff Utanes

Finally, Dragon Ball fans should get hyped up with this voice actor! Jeff Utanes is the Filipino voice behind the most famous Saiyan of them all, Son Goku. Jeff is also the VA for Yu-Gi-Oh’s Yami Yugi, and Sailor Moon’s Artemis.


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