Uniqlo’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collection had us geeking out!

We want ALL of the Namco T-Shirts!!!

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A few years back, I didn’t care much for clothes; I would’ve rather saved up for new video games instead of buying new shirts. Uniqlo‘s arrival in the Philippines changed that though, as they came here with their awesome and geeky UT T-shirt line which included collabs with the likes of Metal Gear and Monster Hunter.

This year though, Uniqlo pulled out all the stops for us geeks. They released a dizzying line of shirts including the Shonen Jump and Blizzard collections, now they’re at it again with the Namco Museum UT line which we got a close look at during Uniqlo’s Fall/Winter 2018 preview.


The Namco Museum t-shirt line by Uniqlo UT is inspired by the Namco titles of the 80s, including Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, and many more! Above are just some of the t-shirts in the Namco Museum line, and they’re all available now in Uniqlo stores nationwide!


While the Namco collection was our personal highlight of the Fall/Winter 2018 preview, we¬† were pleasantly surprised by the rest of Uniqlo’s lineup. Not only are they good-looking clothes, they also feature innovative tech that had us geeking out (well I geeked out at least).


Uniqlo’s HEATTECH¬†line tech-wise is one of the most interesting. It uses materials made from acrylic fiber to provide excellent heat retention capabilities; acrylic fiber is also the basis for carbon fiber materials, which are used in construction of modern airliners like the Boeing 787. Who knew clothes can be this hi-tech?!


Aside from showcasing the tech of Uniqlo’s clothes, the brand also showed their various clothing lines. Check the images below for a quick look at the Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2018 Collection:


The Uniqlo F/W 2018 line will be released soon in Uniqlo stores nationwide.