ESGS 2018 ushers in the arrival of the much-awaited gaming phone in the Philippines — the ASUS ROG Phone!

Are you ready to play?

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Made specifically with gaming in mind, ASUS and its gaming arm, Republic of Gamers (ROG) crafted what could well be the finest gaming phone of 2018. With choice materials, clockable internals and a design that puts the needs of gamers front and center, it’s touted as the “Game-changer” in the smartphone ecosystem.

First appeared during Computex 2018, we had the pleasure of having a first-hand look at the ROG Phone. Having solid internals is one thing, but actually flipping the phone on its head and redesigning it to fit mobile gaming primarily is a huge gamble, one that I hope pays off for ASUS ROG.


As someone who’s been covering ASUS Philippines and bugging them incessantly since 2016 about the ROG phone, I’m stoked! And now ASUS just teased said Game Changer coming to us during this year’s  Esport and Electronic Gaming Summit or ESGS, the Philippines’ biggest video gaming convention in the country.

While the poster didn’t specify what the product is, we have it on good authority that the device is indeed the ROG Phone.

So, gamers who flock SMX Aura on October 28 will have the chance to tinker with the device before they launch it to more people in the future. If they bring all the accessories along, you guys are in for a treat! Prepare to mobile game like you’ve never before as the ultimate gaming phone is upon us.