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Tokyo Game Show 2018 has come and gone and there are tons of content that we have still yet to show you guys! One of the main highlights of our trip, of course, isthe ton of merch and swagthat we got along the way – stuff that we’re passing on to you!

Every year since we started going to international cons and game shows, we have always tried to bring the experience closer to you guys and what better way to do so than by getting a few swags from the con, yes? Yes. And to get you guys more hyped for what you can possibly win, here’s a little snippet of RikuPH rummaging with us around the Merch Hall of Tokyo Game Show 2018.

DROOLING YET? If so and without further ado, here’s what you can win from our Tokyo Game Show 2018 giveaway!

Prize A – Kojima Productions Pack


Prize A consists of a couple of Kojima Productions Goodies including:

  • Poet Meets x Death Stranding Cap
  • Death Stranding Branded Tape
  • Death Stranding Branded Sticker

We also included a couple of treats from the con itself:

  • Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2018 Bluray Sampler
  • A couple of convention fans
  • Clear file folder


Prize B – Square Enix Pack

In the mood for a little Final Fantasy?

Are you a Square Enix fan? We got you covered! If you end up winning this prize pack you walk away with:

  • Square Music Sampler CD Vol 13 (TGS exclusive)
  • Final Fantasy XV Square Enix Cafe Exclusive Stamp
  • 3 FFXV Pins
  • Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2018 Bluray Sampler
  • Criware T-shirt (L)
  • Clear File Folder
  • Convention Fans


Prize C – Capcom Pack

C is for Capcom, that’s good enough for me!

Capcom had a really big booth this year and was one of the highlights of TGS 2018 considering they have a couple of heavy-hitting releases coming our way soon like Resident Evil (Biohazard) 2 and Megaman 11. They’re also celebrating the success of Monster Hunter World and we decided to bring you guys a couple of goodies from this three franchises:

  • Monster Hunter World Chopsticks
  • Monster Hunter Tea Cup
  • Monster Hunter Vol 10 Blind Box collectible
  • Megaman (Rockman) E-pin
  • Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2018 Bluray Sampler
  • Capcom Anniversary Clear File Folder
  • Megaman (Rockman) 11 stage select puzzle
  • Resident Evil (Biohazard) 2 tarpaulin convention bag
  • A couple of convention fans


Prize D – Sega Pack


Moving to the Sega side of things, we were able to cop a couple of goodies from Persona and Yakuza franchises.

  • Persona Jack Frost small plushie
  • Persona 5 Dancing Starnight Pin
  • Sonic TGS Sticker
  • Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2018 Bluray Sampler
  • PlayStation Body Bag
  • Yakuza Cloth wipes
  • Sega Large Tarpaulin Bag
  • A couple of Convention Fans
  • A Clear File Folder


Prize E – Ungeek TGS 2018 Pack

Hey there, Evangelion!

And finally here’s Ungeek’s own prize pack. It’s a collection of things we saw and experienced during and outside of covering the Tokyo Game Show 2018.

  • One Piece Tokyo Tower customized coin – this was when we went to Tokyo Tower for the very first time
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Figurine from our visit at Ikebukuro’s Otome Road.
  • A Tokyo Game Shoe 2018 stylized cap
  • Jump Force Pin from Bandai-Namco
  • Bleach Clear File Folder + stickers
  • Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2018 Bluray Sampler
  • A couple of convention fans
  • RDR 2 sticker

BOOM! So now that you know what you can win, here’s how you can get your hands on these sweet, sweet loot!



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  1. SHARE this Facebook post on your timeline (make the post public) with the hashtags #UngeekTGSGiveaway #UngeekTGS2018
  2. At the comment section of the Facebook postTAG 2 of your friends and write which item pack you’d want to win and why. Write them in this format  [TGS Prize A] + comment + tag 2 people For example: [TGS Prize A] Because Kojima! Also, I could think of a dozen things to do with that Death Stranding Tape! MWAHAHA! Ready na ba kayo @Hideo, @Norman? #UngeekTGSGiveaway #UngeekTGS2018
  3. We will group all entries per Pack and choose 1 among each.
  4. You may make an entry to each pack ONCE — meaning you have a total of 5 chances of getting one of the packs. You must tag a different set of persons on succeeding entries. Simply enter another comment using the format above i.e. “[TGS Prize C] Resident Evil 2 is my Jam and I want that big convention bag plus all of them Monster Hunter goodies! @Chris, check this giveaway out and give Ungeek some like. Don’t be a @Jill sandwich! :p #UngeekTGSGiveaway #UngeekTGS2018”
  5. You may only win once.

Qualifications & Restriction

  1. This contest runs from October 2, 2018 to October 13, 2018 11:59pm.
  2. This contest is open to all readers of Ungeek.ph who are currently residing in the Philippines and/or have the capability to claim the items within the Philippines.
  3. Winners must be able to provide a Metro Manila delivery address and/or agree to meetup within the Metro Manila area to claim the prize.
  4. Ungeek will shoulder delivery cost within Metro Manila.
  5. Unclaimed prizes after 30 days of announcement will be disposed by Ungeek in whatever form they deem fit.

(Basically, it’s the same rules as our E3 Merch Giveaway, so if you joined that, you know what to do. :p)

And that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed our Tokyo Game Show coverage this year! Stay tuned for more stories and our Japan 2018 experience only here at Ungeek!