[BlizzCon 2018] A Closer Look at Overwatch’s Newest Hero, ASHE!

The newest DPS hero comes with a lot of surprises... and B.O.B.

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Right after the newest Overwatch Animated Short “Reunion” was revealed during BlizzCon 2018, Jeff Kaplan announced that Ashe would be the newest hero in the Overwatch line-up! Check out this gameplay video of Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe!


Man, she looks amazingly fun to use! But let’s go into what EXACTLY she can do. Here are the details on Ashe’s moves and backstory:


Want more on her backstory? They also released this video on her Origin Story! Check it out!


We also had the chance to check out the Panel “Overwatch: What’s Next” and got a few additional notes:

  • We observed that B.O.B. is an instant fan favorite 😛
  • B.O.B. is interactable and can be nano-boosted, Zarya bubbled, sleep darted, etc.
  • The reload of Ashe’s gun is like a shotgun so you can shoot mid-reload
  • Mobster and Safari Skin Designs were also announced


All in all, we can’t wait to play her in-game! She’s sure to change the landscape of Overwatch!