[BlizzCon 2018] New Overwatch Short ‘Reunion’ reveals New Characters!

Truly a reunion in more ways than one!

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Fresh off of BlizzCon 2018, Jeff Kaplan unveiled the latest Overwatch short called “Reunion”. This latest video not only gives us additional lore on McCree but also shows features what went down on the Route 66 map AND introduces us to a few new Overwatch characters. Check it out!


Talk about ACTION-PACKED! Let’s sum up some key points, shall we?

  • We get to see why there was a train wreckage in the Route 66 Map
  • McCree gets a HIGH NOON reference!
  • We finally get to meet the Deadlock Gang as well as its leader, Ashe… and Bob’s there too :p
  • Echo, who was teased as a possible hero down the line, was revealed


Best of all, Ashe was shortly announced as the game’s NEWEST HERO! You can check out Ashe and her skills right here!

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